Older images

These are from early on when I was still figuring out some of the basics.
  • M8

    M8 8-27-05. Schuler Ha filter, Meade DSI Pro.

  • M27

    M27 6-05-05. Schuler RGcBc filters, Meade DSI Pro.

  • M16

    M16 7-23-05. Schuler Ha filter, Meade DSI Pro.

  • M62

    M62 5-01-05. Schuler RGcBc filters, Sac 9 camera.

  • Leo Triplet

    Leo Triplet 3-21-05. Meade DSI color camera.

  • NGC2264

    NGC2264 2-15-05. Ha only, in what turned out to be a difficult target. Perhaps a opportunity later for a color shot. Sac 8-1 camera

  • IC434

    IC434 1-31-05. Mapped Ha (red) and SII (green and blue). Always a fun object to try for. Sac 8-1 camera

  • M42

    M42 1-04-05. Ha (red), SII (green), OIII (blue) composite using Custom Scientific filters. Sac 8-1 camera

  • NGC7293

    NGC7293 9-23-04. Helix nebula in Ha. Sac 8-1 camera

  • NGC7635